Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Back Porch

I usually walk through the back porch without really looking at it. I know it's a mess. It's likely to stay that way for awhile. The room needs a major overhaul. A previous owner of our house thought it was a good idea to carpet it in Astro Turf. I'd pull it up, but, unfortunately, underneath the Astro Turf are bits and pieces of old linoleum. The linoleum is stuck to a sporadically crumbling cement floor. It's not a pretty sight. So, we are living with the Astro Turf until we get the money, time and gumption to completely redo the floor.

In the meantime, we've tried to make the back porch cute with some old wicker furniture. Our dog, however, decided that she liked chewing on said furniture and it ended up being an even bigger mess. Add to that my husbands packrat tendencies, an open porch window and my habit of pretending I don't really see the mess, and it's not looking too pretty back there.

I honestly wasn't even going to declutter this room yet. I'm not sure why. I think I just didn't want to deal with it. But, since the garage sale is next weekend, I thought I could unload a few things.

This lamp is going in the garage sale. My husband got it somwhere, probably another garage sale. While I think it's cute, I also think it's too big for our house. And, we've had it for about five years. The reality is, it's not going to be installed anywhere. It needs to go. The wicker chairs are also going in the sale, though they are in bad shape. I have a feeling they will be headed to the dump. Maybe someone who knows how to restore them will find them and give them some love.

After 15 minutes of work, this part of the back porch looks like this. My new goal is to empty the whole room. I'll keep the boys' gaming table and a couple of extra kitchen chairs. Other than that, I'd like to have the big, open space for the boys to run around and play in when the weather is bad. I'm undecided about that wicker bench. It's not real wicker. I think it's some kind of plastic. The dog has been uninterested in it. It's sturdy, but, without the chairs, it doesn't really go on the back porch anymore. Unlike the chairs, it probably would sell at the garage sale. Hmm...

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