Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Birthday, The Flu and Clutter

We celebrated my son's birthday and immediately transitioned to all five of us coming down with the flu. As we slowly start to feel better, I'm faced with the state of the house. Being sick is not good for my cleaning routine. Today, I was able to make some sense out of the chaos.

My fifteen minutes of decluttering was focused on changing the sheets on the beds. After a couple days of being sick, it'll be nice to sleep in fresh, clean sheets tonight.

With all the hype about the swine flu lately, I checked out the Center's for Disease Control (CDC) website to see if they had any housecleaning recommendations to prevent the spread of the flu virus. This is what they recommend:

1. Throw away all tissues used by the sick person in the trash. Wash hands after touching tissues.

2. Keep surfaces clean (especially bedside tables, bathroom surfaces and children's toys) by using a disinfectant.

3. Linens, dishes and other items used by the sick person do not need to be cleaned separately, but should be cleaned before being shared.

4. Wash bedsheets and towels by using laundry soap and tumbling dry on the hot setting. Avoid holding laundry close prior to washing. Wash hands after touching soiled laundry.

5. Eating utensils should be washed in a dishwasher or by hand using soap and water.

The flu is no fun, especially when the entire family has it at once. Another time, I'll step up my cleaning routine right away and hopefully, prevent it from spreading through the entire household.

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