Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting the Photo Albums out of the Baby's Closet

I keep a lot of things in the baby's closet that don't really belong there. The old financial records, the photo albums and several other things. I think it's time to move this stuff elsewhere so that his closet can be used for his things.
The diaper box holds school supplies. I buy things on sale at the beginning of the school year and keep them in the box. Then, I've got the things I need to replenish my oldest son's supplies when he runs out throughout the year. I moved this box to the utility room. I want to replace it with a plastic storage container. The photo albums and scrapbooks got moved to the utility room, too.

It makes sense that I keep all of the baby's things here. I took the potty seat out of the utility room and put it on the shelf. He's not ready for it yet, but in a year or so he will be. I still have some old financial records to clean out from the other side of the shelf. His closet is almost done.

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