Sunday, May 10, 2009

Is Your Garage Organized?

I spent my 15 minutes organizing in the garage today.

My husband has a "new" tool organizer. His uncle found it at a garage sale last year, so it's new to us, though it's a little rusty and dinged in some places. It's been sitting in the middle of our garage floor ever since we got it. Today's mission was to clear a spot against the wall and move the tool organizer into it.

I had to move all the bikes and kid's toys out of the way before I could even think about moving the tool organizer. Then, I just had to clean up some tools and sweep the garage floor. Once I was done, I pushed the new tool organizer into place. Here's the "new" tool organizer in place. It's the one on the left. We have a smaller, older tool organizer next to it. I think I'll work on organizing the tools, putting most of my husband's things into the new organizer. The boys can use the old tool organizer for their things. I think they'll get a kick out of that.

So, this brings me to my question. Is your garage organized? I've taken enough walks through my neighborhood to know that our garage isn't the only one that's a bit of a mess. I envy those with tidy garages, but I think it's a hard space to keep clean. How do you fare with yours?

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