Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garage Sale Success!

I was dreading the garage sale because I really hadn't done enough prep work. And, the weather report for today was iffy. I knew if it rained, it would be a flop. Thankfully, I woke up to a sunny day. My husband and I started putting things out in the driveway about an hour before the neighborhood garage sale started so we were done in plenty of time for the first customer.

We didn't have a lot for sale. But, we did have some big things that we really wanted to see go. These things took up a lot of space and didn't help with my decluttering efforts.

This old dresser monopolized the center of our garage floor. I sold it for $20. It was, by far, the most expensive item I sold.

The old snow blower was looking junky in our backyard. It doesn't work, so we sold it for parts for $3. I priced things to sell and was willing to take any offers. Most things sold for their sticker price, but a few, like this snow blower, sold for a bit less. I had it priced at $5. I also got rid of an old lawn mower, an old wicker chair and some other odds and ends. My husband took the other old wicker chair to the dump because it was in very bad shape.

All in all, it was a great decluttering day. And, I made a few bucks in the process. I'd say this was a successful garage sale!

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  1. I just did a garage sale post today about all the different "groups" that frequent garage sales.

    I'm glad to see you had some success - we're giving it a try this weekend.