Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trying to Clean Up the Back Porch

The back porch needs more work than I can possibly do in 15-minute clutter control sessions. It's not clutter that's the problem. However, because it's in such bad shape, we've had a tendency to let the toys, tools and a few other things pile up. I'm trying to get all of that cleaned out so that I can make it a big, open play room for rainy days. Then, down the road a bit, when we've got the money and time, we can give this room the overhaul it needs.
We have the bad habit of tossing toys in this spot. The crate is supposed to hold them all, but it's not really big enough.

I put all of the outdoor toys in the shed, except for the ball and lawn mower. The toddler likes to play with those on the back porch. That only took a few minutes, so for the rest of the time, I swept. The lovely Astro-turf is covered in dog fur, dirt and a few random leaves left over from last fall.

I'm starting to wonder if I can paint the cement that's under the Astro-turf. Does anyone know anything about painting cement floors? It's got a couple of large cracks in it, so we'd have to patch those somehow. I really want to get rid of the Astro-turf. I think a nice, clean coat or two of paint would go a long way towards sprucing up the back porch.

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  1. They make this floor paint (that has grit you sprinkle on top to keep it from being sticky) for garage floors. You could look into that.