Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reduce Reuse Recycle: The Ultimate Way to Reuse that Clutter!

Back in January, I posted about the cupboard under the kitchen sink which was crammed with plastic grocery bags. I've been remembering to use my cloth grocery bags a lot more lately and am happy to report that the cupboard is still in pretty good shape. My husband has even complained that we don't have enough plastic grocery bags to line the small wastebaskets.

Though I'm happy the cupboard is still clean, I'm wishing I'd kept those bags a bit longer. Yesterday, I discovered My Recycled This clever blogger has made shopping bags, cell phone holders, backpacks and lots of other things out of recyled plastic grocery bags. I love it! She has directions for making "plarn" out of bags that you can use to crochet all kinds of cool things. The blog is full of free patterns and beautiful pictures. What a practical way to reuse clutter!

I'm going to have to collect some bags again so I can make one of the reusable shopping bags. If I can make mine look as good as hers do, I may have to whip some up for Christmas presents.


  1. We often post articles about ways to live greener, I will check back on your site for future reference.

    Thanks! Cynthia

  2. People have been doing amazing things with these bags. Have you see the "cloth" bags they're making out of them? How 'bout the dresses? Check out the links on THIS blog entry to find more fun to do with the extra plastic, should that monster under the sink begin to rear its ugly head again.