Friday, July 17, 2009

Summertime and Organizing Craft Supplies

We are in full summertime mode here. Which basically means that the housekeeping is getting away from me again. I'm keeping up with the basics for the most part, but decluttering has definitely taken a back seat to summer fun. So far we've spent four days with my sister who lives three hours away, gone to a local children's museum and two library programs, camped for four days and went to a Renaissance festival. Considering that school just ended on June 25th and this is only July 17th, I'd say I've got some good excuses for slacking on my decluttering. Still, excuses or not, the clutter seems to multiply when I'm not looking. Sometimes, I am looking but can't do anything about it because I'm holding a tired 17-month old, trying to make dinner and clean up Play-doh all at the same time.

And, I've picked up a new hobby, which I'm enjoying, but it doesn't help with the clutter. I re-learned how to knit. I knew how to do it when I was a kid, but wasn't interested in it until a few months ago. I asked a friend to show me how to cast on stiches. The knitting and purling came back to me like riding a bicycle. My goal is to make some play food for the toddler for Christmas. While I teach myself how to use double pointed knitting needles and a few other things, my kitchen counter looks like this: This proves that when I let things pile up on a flat surface, I tend to start using it for everything.
I found an empty basket to use as my knitting basket. It's not an organizational masterpiece, but I don't have so much that I need a system at this point. I just need to keep it away from the toddler and off my counter.


  1. I'm scrapbooking today. And organizing.

    We'll see how it goes. :)