Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weeding in the Garden

My flower beds and garden are used to being ignored during the summer. I start off with good intentions every spring, but by July I'm usually completely out of steam for anything garden related. This year, however, I seem to have a stronger interest in it. I'm getting a bit more confident in my gardening abilities and I think that is keeping me motivated. Plus, I've gotten a couple of compliments on my flower beds this year. I'm sure that's helped a bit, too. Who doesn't like a compliment now and again?However, just because I have good intentions, doesn't mean I have the time. My toddler is 17 months old, active and a danger to himself outside. He needs a pair of eyes on him constantly. That doesn't leave me free to do too much outdoor work. Today, his older brother played with him while I spent 15 minutes weeding this flower and herb garden. It was in desperate need of some attention. The lillies, which are in the back of the bed, are getting ready to bloom. I want it to look nice when they do.
I uncovered the rocks and gave the chives a little elbow room. I also found a small trellis to help support my cilantro. If I knew it was going to get that tall, I probably would have planted it somewhere else. I really like the tiny white cilantro flowers, though. I wonder if they are edible? Hmm...

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