Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy Summer = Messy Car

What a busy summer we're having! My decluttering has taken a backseat to summer fun.

In the past month, we've had

  • two weeks of daily swim lessons at a beach for the boys,
  • a five-hour car ride to visit my mom (and a five-hour car ride home)
  • and a week-long camping trip, three hours away, which was really fun.
All of this left the interior of my car looking quite nasty. Sand, food, toys and some unidentified things, including an odd, musty odor, were greeting us every time we opened the door.

My shop-vac got a workout today as I cleaned out all the gross things. I'm sure it took more than 15 minutes. I wasn't watching the clock because I did it on a whim. When I was vacuuming the sand out of the trunk, I noticed that the carpet that covers the spare-tire well was wet. That's definitely odd. I pulled it up to discover that the sturdy particle board (or whatever it's made out of) cover was also wet. This is what I found underneath that:

Can you see the water surrounding the spare tire? I have no idea how it got there. But, I'm thinking this is the source of the odd, musty odor. I don't recall leaving my trunk open while it was raining, though we've certainly had lots of rain this summer. I guess it's possible. I'll show it to my husband when he gets home. Maybe he'll clean it out for me. Or at least watch the toddler while I clean it. Yuck.

Update: It turns out there is a drain plug in the bottom of the wheel well. How convenient is that? Maybe it's not so uncommon to get water in the spare tire well. My husband pulled the plug, let the water drain and then let the whole thing dry out in the sunshine. It's as good as new and the musty smell is gone.

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