Monday, September 28, 2009

5-Minute Flat Surfaces Challenge!

I thought things would settle down a bit once the back-to-school rush was over, but I was mistaken. Life is just as crazy as ever. When we're really busy, we tend to set things down on any available flat surface, like the coffee table, the kitchen counters, the tops of the dressers and any other horizontal space. It really makes the house look cluttered. Because I need to get a handle on this, I'm posting a challenge for today. The challenge is to spend just 5 minutes cleaning five different flat surfaces throughout the day. I started with my coffee table.
Here it is, with two disorderly stacks of books, magazines and papers. I'm not sure you can see it in the picture, but there's also a few toys, a piece of popcorn and lots of dog fur.

Ahh... Five minutes later and I have two, neat and tidy piles. I'm coming to the realization that I have to play games in order to clean my house. But, if a quick game of beat the clock is what it takes, then that's what I'll do. I'm going to do four other five-minute flat surface challenges throughout the day. At least, I hope I do! I feel my resolve weakening already. To keep my motivation up, I'll post an update later. So, who's with me?

Update: I did it! I spent five minutes cleaning each of five, different, clutter-collecting surfaces. And, I have to say, it has had a BIG impact on the overall look of my house. I cleaned the coffee table, one of the kitchen counters, the top of my dresser, the top of the wash stand and the bathroom counter. I liked this self-imposed challenge. And, the five-minute segments were really effective since my toddler is in a phase where he wants to be held or played with ALL the time. It makes it hard to get things done. But, I could distract him for five minutes several different times throughout the day. I think I might make this "challenge week". Look for a new challenge tomorrow morning!

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