Saturday, September 26, 2009

Drowning in School Papers!

I thought I had a system down for all the papers that come home from school with my kids. But, that was when I only had one son in school. With my five-year-old son in kindergarten this year, I once again learned that it doesn't take long for school work to cover the kitchen counter. I've somehow managed to get two, disorganized stacks of papers. When a permission slip that needed to go back to school got covered in chicken grease because it was on the wrong counter, I knew I needed to tackle this pronto!
I'm oddly sentimental about my kindergartner's school work. I thought I had long since conquered the urge to save every single paper that my kids bring home. But, my five-year-old has never really cared about drawing, coloring and writing, so I don't have too much from him. Now that he's in school and has to do it, he seems to have found his creative energy. I love the coloring sheets and the drawings of people that come home in his folder everyday. And, the suprising result of his work at school has been that he's voluntarily picking up crayons and paper at home! Which means more lovely drawings piled up on my kitchen counters that I want to save. I'm so proud of him! And, it's such a relief because I was really worried about his fine motor skills. I think he's still struggling with it a bit, but I'm glad that he's at least willingly using crayons and pencils now.
When all was said and done, I put 25 different coloring sheets, worksheets and various forms of expressive work in this three-ring binder. I was able to add 21 others to the recycling basket. I figure I don't need to keep the worksheets where he hasn't had to do anything but circle the correct shape or the matching mitten. I'm sentimental, but not that sentimental.

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  1. Binders! Smacks head! Why didn't I think of that! I actually have some too! Thanks!

    I'll be weeding through the piles tomorrow!!!

    Thanks so much