Friday, October 23, 2009

Best Reader Cleaning & Organizing Tips

Today I took 15 minutes to work on some filing and organizing. After my brief phase of cleaning out my filing cabinet and taking care of paperwork back in April, I stopped and have let everything pile up again. Since I never actually finished decluttering this stuff, it's still a mess. It's not very exciting work, so no pictures. Instead, I decided to skim through old posts and e-mails to find my favorite reader tips. I've got some great ones!

Here are the top five cleaning and organizing tips that I've received over the last several months:

Storing Bed Sheets

When I organized my linen closet in January, Kathirynne suggested that I store extra sheets in between the mattress and box springs on each bed. I love this idea. It works great for the boys' beds and frees up room in the linen closet! If you're short on storage space like I am, this is a creative way to make some room!

Sweep Up the Legos

We tend to have Legos everywhere on any given day. When my 5 year old dumped a box of Legos in the hallway, I got lots of advice to help motivate him to clean it up. Stuff on My Blog suggested I give him a broom and dust pan and let him sweep them up. We'd been using the dust pan to scoop Legos for a long time, but I'd never thought to sweep them! Now, I don't pick Legos up any other way. It's so quick and easy. And, I'm happy to say that my son did pick up the Legos that day and lots of days since then!

Donate Cleaning Products to a Shelter

When I decluttered the laundry room, I had some bottles of cleaning supplies and detergent that I no longer use. Joy suggested that I donate them to a shelter. I love this tip because it reminds me that our clutter could be something that's useful and important to someone else. I have tried to donate things as I've decluttered, but this was a new way for me to think beyond the typical donations of clothing and canned food.

Organize School Work in a Binder

This tip isn't from a Cleaning Up the Clutter reader, but from someone I know in real life. If you've got kids in school, you know how much paperwork comes home. It accumulates fast! A friend of mine told me that she keeps her kids' school work and artwork in 3-ring binders. She's got one for each kid. And, now I do, too!

Homemade Cleaner Recipe

My final favorite tip is from an e-mail I received from Kris. She shared a recipe for homemade all-purpuse cleaner. I've since used it to clean my kitchen floor and I love it! I posted the recipe in the Homemade Cleaners blog post.

Thank you for all the great tips. Keep them coming! You can leave a comment on any blog post with your tip or send me an e-mail at


  1. Our local animal shelter also requests donations of things like towels, cleaning products, animal food, etc; so that's another place that can help us 'clear out' stuff!
    Fun to read about sweeping legos - my 4 year old granddaugter is great at helping clean up a lot of the time, & actually initiates it - goes to a great 'play school' where they have a clean up chart, & choose the area they'll clean by putting their photo by the pic.
    Having a photo of the areas (like you'ld like them when they're finished) & a cleaning chart is a nice way to share building cleaning habits with our littles.

  2. Dia - Thank you! Those are great ideas! I think I'll do a future blog about where to donate items. The animal shelter is a great place to send those things. I also love the picture idea. I'm going to try that with my boys.

  3. love the idea for the sheets and the binder!!!