Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cleaning Up After Myself

Before I get to the cleaning part of today's blog, I want to show off what I made. The toddler is being King Richard for Halloween, or at least he is if he actually wears his costume. I felt like being fancy about it and I made this crown! This was pretty tricky, but I think it looks cool! I know King Richard is a strange costume for a toddler, but it was at the request of his older brothers, who are both Robin Hood.
The crown was the last of the work on the Halloween costumes for all three boys. That means it's time for me to put away the sewing stuff that's been out for a few weeks now. I've had this towering stack of fabric hanging out in the living rooom.

My fabric stash has doubled since before the Halloween costume projects started. I'm not a confident sewer, so I buy more than the amount of fabric I need just in case I screw up. Lucky for me, the fleece was on sale at JoAnne's and I could afford to do that this time. Now I've got enough left over for a few more Halloween costumes. I'll have to convince the boys to be something green, red or yellow next year.

I packed all the fabric away into two cardboard boxes and stashed it away in the utility room. Ultimately, I want to get a plastic Rubbermaid container for the fabric, since I think it's unprotected from mice as it is.


  1. My girls are being Princess Daisy and Princess Peach from the Mario Bros games. So we spent our weekend at the Thrift stores looking for lemon yellow and pale pink prom dresses. Not much luck. We found a champagne yellow and my mother had an old peachy pink prom dress (must have been one of the siblings) in the closet. Both need accents sewn on. S's needs to be shortened and I plan to run ribbon around both edges of what I cut off to make a wrap (since both are spaghetti straps).

    I love the hat and would love a tutorial.

  2. The costumes sound adorable!

    I got the directions for the hat from a library book. It's called The Fantastic Costume Book by Michelle Lipson & Friends. It's one of the best homemade costume books I've seen. Happy Halloween!