Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Cleaned My Kitchen Floor!

I hate my kitchen floor. It's an off-white, no-wax floor that collects hard-to-remove grime. I can sweep, vacuum and mop everyday but the grime that gets stuck in those little pits and grooves of the no-wax floor will still be there. I don't generally mop everyday, but I have gone through phases where I do, and it still doesn't help. I've cleaned the floor with soapy water, various types of dedicated floor cleaners, vinegar, homemade cleaners, ammonia, a Swiffer Wet Jet and a regular Swiffer. My sister even let me borrow her steam cleaner last year.

All of these things clean the surface of the floor. It feels clean afterwards and all the sticky surface dirt and dust is removed. They all get rid of the crayon marks, the coffee spills and things of that nature. But, none of them remove that ground-in, dirty grunge that fills the pits and grooves. My floor looks like it's a different color in certain areas because of the grunge. The only thing I've been able to use to get rid of it is a Magic Eraser and some elbow grease. To clean the whole floor this way takes a couple of hours and two brand new Magic Erasers, which are completely used up by the end. Needless to say, I don't do it very often.

However, today the toddler was playing at the sink and managed to get his hands on my open bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Being a toddler, he promptly spilled it down his front, onto the floor. There was a puddle of Dawn on the floor in front of the sink. It sat there for a few minutes before I could get to it. Then, I cleaned it up with a wet rag. There were suds everywhere! Just when I was realizing that I should have used a dry papertowel to get it off the floor, I noticed that the grunge under the sudsy area was gone!

Seriously, it was gone. No scrubbing was involved. I spread the suds around as much as I could, let them sit for a minute or two and wiped them up. All the ground-in dirt in that area was completely gone! Unfortunately, the bottle of Dawn was almost empty when he spilled it, so I didn't have anymore to clean the rest of the floor.

My theory is that the concentrated suds lifted the dirt right out of the grooves, just like a sudsy carpet shampoo lifts the dirt right out of the carpet. Either that or there is something special about the Dawn itself.

Now I'm wondering if this is some old housewive's secret that I don't know about. Anyone ever heard of using Dawn to clean kitchen floors before?

I'm going to buy more Dawn and a sponge, get the kitchen floor really sudsy and mop it up sometime soon. I want to test this out again and see if it was just a fluke or if I really discovered something new. If this is the secret to a clean kitchen floor that I've been looking for, I just may learn to like that floor after all.


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  2. Well Dawn is what they use to clean the grease safely out of birds full of oil from oil slicks and Dawn donates the soap too which makes them great in my books!

    Let us know how the floor turns out!

  3. Dawn is also used by a major oil change company to clean its floors (because it is less caustic than commerical degreasers). The only concern is that it might actually remove a protective finish.

  4. Thanks, Breeze and Tree Hugging Mama. I'm going to have to do some research on Dawn to learn more about the company. Maybe I'll do an article or at least a blog post in the future.

  5. Cloth diapering folks use it to "strip" diapers when they have a build up of anything.

  6. Keep on writing because this is the kind of stuff we all need..

    Lou Lentine

  7. It's like you are telling the life story of me and my kitchen floor! I'm googling Dawn floor cleaners now. We probably have the same old flooring and I've used all the methods you have, including the once in a while hands and knees Magic Eraser scrubbing...