Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween...

Yesterday was hectic at best. I had to go to a Halloween parade and school party for my 5 year old, then a school party for my 10 year old and finished off the day with a Halloween party at the elementary school for the whole family. In between, I had a toddler that wouldn't nap until very late in the afternoon. By then, he was desperate for some sleep, but only got about 45 minutes. And, because it was a late nap, he was pretty sure he was good to go for the evening. He stayed up late last night. I'm not even sure who fell asleep first - me or him.

Today, I'm not feeling like cleaning or organizing. But, I am feeling crafty and wish I had time to do some sewing or crocheting!

Instead, I've been surfing the net while I insist that the whole house stay quiet for the toddler's nap. I don't want him waking up until he's had 3 hours of good, solid sleep. I've found some really awesome blogs about remaking clothing into something much cuter and much more wearable. I think it's a great idea to use some of that clothing clutter that's still taking up closet space.

Here's a link to Obsessively Stiching with directions to remake a t-shirt into a flattering peasant top! I love it!


  1. Love the link =) I love when I find fun stuff like that surfing the web & appreciate you sharing!

  2. No problem! There's lots of great ideas on that blog!