Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holy Cobwebs, Batman! The Family Room Needs Attention...

I haven't done much cleaning other than surface cleaning in the basement family room. It's a nice room, but needs work. Last year, we replaced the old, unusable woodstove with a nice, new one and had the chimney fixed. But, we still have a lot of other work to do. We need a new ceiling, the walls need painting and we need a new carpet. And, that's just the short list.

In the meantime, I kind of let it go as far as housekeeping is concerned. The boys play down there a lot and my husband keeps a lot of his computer stuff there. Did I mention that he's not the most organized guy? And, though we are not planning on doing any of the major work this year, I do want to get it decluttered and cleaned. It's cozy on a winter night and I want to really take advantage of it over the next several months. This old desk isn't used for anything other than collecting clutter. I really want to get rid of it. The box of train tracks and the race car track in the Rubbermaid container went in the utility room. The boys haven't played with those in a long time, so there's no sense in keeping them out. I moved the ride-on horse to the center of the room for now. The toddler is growing into it. As soon as he grows out of it, we're going to get rid of it.

There were lots of cobwebs above and behind this desk! It took me 20 minutes, but this area looks much better. I want to clear a spot in the garage to store this desk until we have another garage sale. I could put a toy box or something else useful here.


  1. Barb - leave the cobwebs till after the Holiday =;)

    The desk don't wait for a Garage Sale. Take a pic (use the one you have) and list it on Craigslist for a decent price.

    I plan to use the cold winter to finish the clutter clearing of my house (top to bottom). Obviously I want to get to the first floor before the holidays and my office (because much of that is going the way of Craigslist for other people's holiday shopping).

    Good Luck

  2. Craig's list is a great idea. I've used it lots before. My husband had other plans for the desk, though. Once it was clear, he decided to make it his workstation for when he's got someone's computer here to fix. He used it to fix his mom's computer this weekend and it was nice to have it out of the family's way and not mixed in with all his computer stuff. So, the desk is here to stay for now. :-)