Monday, October 26, 2009

How Did the Hall Closet Get Messy Again?

It happens. There's five of us, plus a dog and a cat. And, we tend to be sloppy. The hall closet needed cleaning and organizing again. I feel pretty good that I've now cleaned this twice this year. It'd been a few years before that! I'm making progress and, dare I say, becoming a better housekeeper. I still have a ways to go, but things are definitely looking up. I organized this closet in March, but it needed it again. And, since we've had some cold weather already, I've had to get the basket of hats and mittens down from the top shelf every time I needed to find something for the boys to wear. I wanted to get a hat and a pair of gloves out for everyone to keep in the basket on the floor of the closet. This will save us some time on school mornings.
I know it doesn't look too different, but it really is. And, now we are all set for the weather if it decides to get cold again!


  1. Inspiration!

    I should have taken before and after photos this past weekend, but I took care of some long-standing clutter. I do have a closet that needs a similar makeover. Maybe this coming weekend.

  2. If you take pictures, feel free to e-mail them to me and I'll post them on the blog! It's a great way to link back to your own blog. Have fun tackling that closet!

  3. Barb - we have an over the door shoe organizer. It doesn't hold shoes. We keep hats, mittens and scarves at easy heights for the kids, and its helped keep our closet more organized.

    As part of my dinning room clean up I organized the Hall Closet (of course I didn't take pics of that one before or after).

  4. I do need to get a shoe organizer. That sounds like it would really help keep us organized in the winter. Thanks!