Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Have a Confession to Make...

I looked back through my list of posts and realized that I have truly been a slacker on the decluttering front lately. In all honesty, I already knew it. I needed the visual to really drive the point home, though. It seems I did pretty good decluttering 15 minutes a day and blogging about it until May. Then, the weather got nice, the kids were home from school, we went camping a few times, the toddler reached a phase where he needs 110% of my attention, the kids went back to school, etc. I can find a million excuses.

But, as I look around my house, I can see the clutter creeping back. That should have been the only visual I needed. I've done sporadic decluttering since May and the house IS in better shape overall than it was ten months ago, but the countertops don't lie. It's back. If I don't get a handle on it now, I'll go into yet another holiday season with clutter everywhere.

Today, I'm reaffirming my mission on this blog. I vow to spend 15 minutes a day decluttering.

Here's one section of my kitchen counter. I've got seed packets leftover from late spring and my yearly attempt at gardening. If you look closely, you'll see my carrot crop. I harvested two, 1/2-inch long carrots. I try every year, but get measly results (lol). I've also been storing some tiki torch fuel here. It's supposed to be in the shed, but has been sitting on the counter for a couple of months. I need to take responsibility for this stuff!
15 minutes later and the counter is truly clean for the first time in months. That little basket holds our cell phone chargers, so it needs to stay. Now I've got room to work here! It didn't take the full 15 minutes to declutter this counter, so I also wiped off the front of the cabinets in this section (they were filthy again) and put the clean dishes away that were drying on the other side of the sink.


  1. OMG - that is so me - lol!
    I admire your honesty on this - & your resolve to continue working on it!

    Good job - & like you say, it often doesn't take long, once we actually begin!

  2. Thank you, Dia! Glad to know other people deal with the same things!