Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful Weather = Trashed House

What the heck happened to my house this weekend? Typically, weekends are a messy time at our house. The amount of clutter, toys and dirt seems to increase exponentially in relation to the number of people home from school and work. And, we had beautiful, 70 degree weather this weekend. We were outside, not inside, for a large part of the time. You would think this would mean that the inside would have stayed tidy. Yet, somehow, it's trashed worse than usual.

It doesn't take the boys, my husband or I long to make a mess. The past two days, time that would normally be spent putting things back in order was time spent outdoors ingnoring everything else. I don't regret it. We're not going to get too many of these nice days before winter hits hard and heavy.

But, that leaves me with a lot of work to do today. And, it's beautiful out again. I really want to take the toddler outside to jump in our giant leaf pile. I'd feel too guilty if I did, though, at least before I had a chance to get some cleaning done. In order to keep myself motivated, I'm posting my to-do list. I've got to get all or at least most of these things done before we head outdoors.

1. Pick up and vacuum the living room.
2. Clean the bathrooom.
3. Put away the clean, folded laundry.
4. Spend 5 minutes decluttering each of the four bedrooms.
5. Clean the kitchen floor.
6. Tidy the kitchen for 10 minutes.
7. Sweep the entryway.

Ok, that's it. It's enough. I'm going to see how fast I can get throught the list. I'll post an update later. Anyone with me today?

Update: I can't even begin to describe the air that was coming in through the open windows as I cleaned. The word heavenly comes to mind, but I'm not sure that does it justice. It was hard to stay on task, but, thanks to some homemade Play-doh and a few tomatillos that the toddler thought were balls, I was able to get everthing done. Maybe he knew that his ticket outside was a cleaner house, so he was willing to humor me. I finished up at about 11:00, changed his diaper and took him outside for some leaf jumping and puddle splashing. We had a great time! And, it was really nice to come back into a mostly clean house.


  1. That's great!! I know how wonderful it feels to get a 'little bit' done, & really notice it! Or have friends over who notice, lol.
    My dau & thier little family are working toward selling their home, so it's 'spotless' - they commented 'we should do this every few months!' (her husb. is a 'cleanie' so he does a lot, & is REALLY GOOD at it!)
    keep on keepin on!

  2. I wish my husband were a cleanie - lol!