Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas is Coming, The Geese are Getting Fat...

I found the local radio station that plays Christmas music 24-7. I've started my Christmas shopping and am, in fact, about three-quarters done with it. I'm almost done with shopping for the boys and just need to shop for gifts for the adults in the family. So, I'm not looking too bad on the Christmas front. As you know, when you are the mom, planning for Christmas takes time. At least for me it does. It's not something that I care to start in December, much less a week before Christmas. Kudos to those who can do it that way, but I'm sure I'd have a nervous breakdown if I tried.

I've kind of put cleaning up the clutter in my house on hold until after the holidays. There are a couple of decluttering projects on my list of things to do in the next five to six weeks, but they are related to getting ready for Christmas. If all goes as before, the cleaning bug will strike hard after the holidays! To that end, I'm going to work on Christmas prep for now, which seems like as much of an organizational task as decluttering.

Here's my to-do list:

1. Try to get a Christmas card picture of all three boys at once. This is not an easy task with a toddler that doesn't stop moving ever, a five year old who is in a camera-shy phase and a ten year old who would rather be taking the pictures, but I'll see what I can do.
2. Mail above Christmas card to family and friends.
3. Finish shopping.
4. Bake cookies.
5. Wrap presents.
6. Buy a Christmas Tree. This is an event for our family. The boys like to have a say in what we pick. And, this year, my oldest is working to sell Christmas trees with the local Boy Scout troop. There's already been talk among the family that the two little guys and I will bake cookies to take to my son and his friends as they work hard selling trees. While there, we'll pick out our tree and my husband and son will bring it home when they are done with their shift.
7. Bake more cookies.
8. Decorate the tree.
9. Watch all the holiday specials on TV, especially Charlie Brown.
10. Make soup and other goodies for Christmas day.
11. Make a nice, sit-down feast for immediate family for Christmas Eve.
12. Put outside decorations up.
13. Declutter the living room, the kids' toys and the Christmas decorations.
14. I know I forgot something important, so I'll insert it here when I think of it.

That's my list. Obviously, it's not in order. Is this pretty typical? What do you have to do before Christmas?

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  1. Yep that looks about right. I have to finish decluttering my first floor and all over cleaning before I bring the holiday decorations down, which I want to do Thanksgiving weekend.
    I am doing well, but I could do better. I will be taking a box over to the YWCA today, and we shall go from there.
    Off to throw some winter jackets in on deep clean, cause my youngest must roll around in the mud before comming home from school.