Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maintaining the Kitchen and Ugh!

I found a post on The Organizing Mama blog titled "Are You Under Water?". This post really hits home with me today. As a mom to three boys, the youngest not yet two years old, I feel under water often. I start a lot of projects, some cleaning related, some not, that I can't finish. I sometimes get a minute into my routine when I need to stop and take care of the toddler or clean up something that he spilled.

That's life for me right now. For days now, I've been avoiding the section of the kitchen counter where I keep all the paperwork that I need to deal with. Today, I couldn't put it off any longer. I had to go through the receipts, balance the checkbook, pay bills and organize all the other random things that get piled up in this space. It took longer than 15 minutes and I had to stop and start several times, but I finally got it done. At least, it's done enough that I feel I can move on to other things. My head was hurting just looking at this mess.

Someday, I'll find a better spot to keep this stuff, but for now, here it is. It is organized, even when it's a mess, even though it doesn't look like it.


  1. It's a wonder what 15 minutes will do right? "Under Water" is a new term to me. Around here we say "in the weeds" from my restaurant days. Same idea - and boy am I there too!

  2. So completely under water . . . and I have the "corners" to support that! Just recently found you, and find I am already inspired to address some of them - although sometimes denial wins out! Ah, well. . . thanks for offering such great tips (and realistic stories!)

  3. Jennifer - I've never heard "in the weeds" before, but I love it!

    Leanne - Welcome! I hear you on the denial! LOL It's too easy to head down that path and I do often! Glad you found some inspiration.