Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ending 2009 with a Tidy Craft Cupboard

This post brings me full circle to one of my first decluttering projects when I started Cleaning Up the Clutter a year ago. The craft cupboard is filled with paper, crayons, paint and a million other things that the boys use on a daily basis. It gets trashed fast. To be honest, it has needed a good decluttering for a long time, but I waited until now to do it so that I could put away the Christmas crafting gifts. My mother-in-law always gives the boys lots of crafting supplies for Christmas. She knows they will use it. Usually, by the time Christmas rolls around at the end of the year, they are more than ready for a new batch of supplies. I appreciate it!
Yikes! Something always falls out onto the floor when we open the door. What a mess!

I weeded out a stack of old projects that we don't need to keep, put some of the nicer projects into each of the boys' binders and refilled the containers with supplies. We'd gotten pretty lazy about putting things away in their proper container, so it's nice to have things back where they belong. Not bad for 15 minutes! This is clearly one craft cupboard that needs to be decluttered more often than once a year.

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