Friday, December 11, 2009

Organized Christmas

I found an interesting blog today called Organized Christmas. It has Christmas organizational tips, printables, stocking stuffer ideas and many other Christmas related tidbits.

If you're still in the organizational phase or even if you're not, you'll find lots of motivation to get a handle on the Christmas craziness.

I've got a tiny bit of shopping to do, lots of wrapping and lots of cookie baking. My Christmas cards are on their way from VistaPrints, but I'll have to get those in the mail as soon as they arrive. And, I've got a sewing project and some small herbal gifts to make. So, I'm making progress, but still have alot to do!

How are you doing with your Christmas prep?


  1. I've got some shopping done and cards made (but not mailed yet). I ordered a few items and had them shipped as well as sent out a package, too. I'm probably about halfway - 3/4 of the way done with shopping/ordering. Thanks for the link, I'm going to check it out!

  2. I will be doing a lot of baking this weekend, then I have to check my gift lists and see what I still need. I have an idea about making next year easier, but right now I am just going day to day in this one.
    This is my favorite season and I am commited to being less stressed this year.

  3. I've got most of my cards out now, no wrapping done, and a few gifts left to buy.

  4. I got my cards today. Time to get busy addressing envelopes!

    Tree Hugging Mama - I'm very interested in your idea for next year! Care to share?

    Hi Alana Jo - Nice to see you back here!

  5. i have not started my shopping yet, and we have 6 kiddos, yikes!

    i will definetly check out that blog you mentioned, thank you

  6. Good luck, Lil Mama! You'll get it all done. Moms are super human when they have to be! This sounds like one of those times!