Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For the Love of Craig's List

Have you ever checked out Craig's List? We just bought some new-to-us bedroom furniture and I'm quite happy with it. Craig's List is easy to use and full of bargains. It's much less stressful than e-bay and it's all local, so no shipping and no other fees tacked on to the purchase price!

My husband and I have been living with our old bedroom furniture since we left college. I graduated 18 years ago, so it's pretty old stuff. Not only that, but it was all either cast off furniture that was given to us or things we picked up at garage sales. It was time for us to make our bedroom look like two grown-ups reside there and not two college kids. But, as always, money is tight and well, I'm thrify by nature so even if it wasn't, I'd probably check out Craig's List anyway.
Man, this old dresser looks bad! The drawer front came off a few months ago and it needs a paint job.

It took about 15 minutes to move all of my husband's clothes into his new dresser. What a huge improvement this makes in our room! We also got a new bed. I'm going to fix the old dresser up for the toddler. I'll put the drawer front back on, sand the whole thing and paint it white.

Did I ever mention that we have an extremely small bedroom? Regular-sized bedroom furniture doesn't fit, so we have to look for small pieces that are still functional. My next project is to look for two, very small nightstands. I've been checking out some alternative ideas on-line, including the ideas in this blog article for 5 Small Nightstands for Under $5. I don't think any of these would be a good long-term solution for our bedroom, but until we find something that actually fits in the small space, I think I'm going to make a creative nightstand tonight!


  1. I love CL. I like to get rid of stuff that is in great shape on it. I could never deal with Ebay, but CL anyone can do.

  2. Yeah, we get rid of stuff on CL, too. It's great for cleaning out the big stuff that I don't want to wait for garage sale season to unload.

  3. I saw on a home design show "floating" nightstands. basically shelves on L brakets. Bonus you can make then any size you want. Good luck!

  4. Just waving hi! Found you on BlogHer and I am SO with you when it comes to the clutter! Good for you for working at it.

  5. Hi Andrea! Thanks for joining us over here!

    Rhi - I like that idea a lot! I think I'm going to look into it and see what I can put together. I'd love to be able to make a shelf out of stuff I already have on hand.