Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 Opportunities to Get Rid of Clutter!

I'm really excited because I've got three opportunities to get rid of clutter coming up within the next month. I'm going to try my hardest to take advantage of them and really weed stuff out of my house. Nothing says spring like a big decluttering and cleaning bender!

The first decluttering event is a garage sale hosted by a good friend of mine. She's raising money to send her son to Australia this summer with the People to People program. She's got a prime indoor location and it's one of the first garage sales of the season around here, so it should be a good one. I've got a pile of things ready to donate, including an old TV, a wicker end table, some clothes and whatever else I can pull together today. This is my chance to get rid of some bigger items that I'd otherwise have to try to sell on Craig's list or in my own garage sale. I'm pretty lazy about things like that, so if I can donate our castoffs and get them out of the house with little effort, I'm happy.

I'm especially excited about the second decluttering event. On April 10th, our county is having an electronics recycling day. This is our excuse to clean out some old computer junk in the utlity room and get rid of it for free. Typically, we have to pay to dispose of this stuff at the transfer station. I'm all for an electronics amnesty day. Now, I need to get my husband as excited about it as I am. I'm hoping to make a major dent in the stacks of unusable computer stuff in our house!

I'm also going to be participating in a consignment sale for baby and children's things. It's coming up fast on April 19th. I've got some clothes and toys set aside, but really need to go through the toddler's clothing piece by piece. He's growing so fast! I know clothes that fit him last summer and fall are going to be too small. It's also a great time for me to stock up on summer clothes for all the boys. I love consignment sales!

I'm really looking forward to all these decluttering events. I've got a lot of decluttering work to do over the next several weeks. When it's over, I hope to have freed up some space in the toddler's room and in the utility room.


  1. Nothing like a deadline to spur you on. Way to declutter.

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