Friday, March 19, 2010

The Top of the Wash Stand is our Catch-All

Another beautiful day and we can't wait to get outside. But, there's another cluttered surface to clean first. We've got this old wash stand that used to belong to my husband's parents. It's right at the top of the stairs that lead up from the entryway and it's become a convenient spot to put everything that happens to be in our hands when we first walk in the door. Today, this spot looks like this:It really doesn't take long to get this cluttered. The pile of papers on the right, however, has been growing for months. It's all cub scout and boy scout stuff. My oldest son became a boy scout last month. Up until then, my husband was his cub scout den leader. There seemed to be a lot of paper to go along with it. Then, I made the pile double in size when I went to the Pow Wow to get training to be a Tiger leader next fall! There was a lot of paper distributed that day. My kindergartner will be ready to join scouts in September and I'm going to be his scout leader. Hopefully by then, I'll have found a way to organize everything and can cut down on the paper!

A bit more than 15 minutes later, the wash stand looks like it should! What do you think of my orchid? My husband had to do some computer work at a large greenhouse and flower shop last week and they gave this to him as a thank you. Isn't it lovely?


  1. Lovely and maybe it will deter you from putting to much on this surface :)

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