Friday, April 9, 2010

Taming the Packrat

Those of you that have been reading my blog from the beginning know that the real packrat in the family is my husband. He's frustrated with it because things get lost in the jungle of computer stuff, empty boxes, packing materials and various odds and ends. In the past year, he's taken a big step by ceasing to collect other people's cast-off computers. At least for the most part, he's stopped. He used to take whatever was offered to him, thinking that he could use the parts or refurbish it for someone else. But, we have way too many outdated towers, hard drives, printers and who knows what else taking up space in our utility room. For the most part, they are unusable. However, it costs money to get rid of this stuff at the local transfer station. I think this is what really drove the point home for him. We just can't accept someone's old junky monitor when it costs us at least $12 to dispose of it at the dump! And, we cannot be a storage facility for cast-off computers.

We are both excited because tomorrow is electronics recycling day in our county! We can dispose of all this old stuff, except TVs and monitors, for free! Today, I spent a good bit of time cleaning out a storage area under our stairs. It was filled with old computer towers and a few boxes of spare parts. All of it is too old to be worth anything.
I had to clear a spot in the garage to stack everything. But, I'm feeling good knowing that this junk is on it's way out of our house.

The cupboard under the stairs is empty, for now. It makes me think of Harry Potter's first bedroom at the Dursley's. Except, ours will get filled back up with computer stuff. My husband is going to take some of the computers out of the utility room and put them here, so I don't have to look at them. I can live with that.

To me, it's a victory knowing that he's ready to clean things out. We'll take it in baby steps, but we're moving in the right direction! And, please, if you know us in real life, don't offer my husband your old computer! He's still weak in this area. I'm not sure he can say "no, thank you" consistently!

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