Friday, April 16, 2010

The Third & Final Decluttering Deadline

I've been busy getting ready for my final decluttering deadline. The consignment sale is next week. I have to deliver my things, all tagged, on Tuesday. I finished entering everything into the system and printed tags today. Now I just need to pin the tags on it all! I'll be glad to get this stuff out of the house!
Look at that stack of puzzles! The boys have a passing interest in puzzles. When they get a new one, they might do it right away or they might not. Then, it goes in the top of the closet, never to be mentioned again. It's time to pass these on to someone who will enjoy them. And, open up a bit of closet space!


  1. Wow! 365 days a year?! I have to wait for 'A Case of the Tidies' to come over me....


  2. I started off with good intentions and didn't quite make it to 365 days, but I did a heck of a lot more decluttering than I would have otherwise. And, I've seemed to make it a bit of a habit, though it isn't a daily one by any means. I do many quick 15-minute decluttering sessions that don't make it into the blog. I figure I've already posted the good stuff - lol. It's really helped me keep my sanity with a house full of packrats! You're blog looks great, by the way!