Saturday, May 22, 2010

50 Best Decluttering and Cleaning Tips by Blogging Moms

We all have our own approach to cleaning and decluttering. What works for some, may not work for others. So, I put together this list of 50 decluttering and cleaning tips or issues. I want to get other blogging mom's perspectives on each one!

Each tip is going to be linked to a post on another blogging mom's blog. If you see a tip that you would like to write a blog post about, please e-mail me at cleaningupclutter at gmail dot com or leave a comment with your contact information. I'll e-mail you to let you know that the tip is reserved for your blog, you write the blog post on your own blog, send me the link and I'll link to it here. Then, you link to this post from your blog post. I sure hope that makes sense! LOL It's kind of like a blog carnnival. If the topic is already hyper-linked, then it's not available.

50 Decluttering & Cleaning Issues and Best Practices:

Cleaning Routines

1. Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering.
2. Establish a morning cleaning routine.
3. Establish an evening cleaning routine.
4. How to hire a maid service or dreaming about hiring a maid service.
5. Do a once-a-week big cleaning.
6. Five minute cleaning routines.

Cleaning Products
7. Use natural cleaning products.
8. Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.
9. White vinegar is a great, natural cleaner.
10. How to clean with baking soda.
11. Cleaning products that remove odors.
12. Best dishwashing detergents.
13. How to clean when you have hard water.

Children and Cleaning

14. Teaching children how to clean.
15. The kid's bedroom: messy or neat?
16. Who is responsible for picking up toys?
17. Organizing toys.
18. Teenagers and chores.


19. Organizing the garage.
20. How to be organized when your husband isn't.
21. How to organize when you are a bargain shopper.
22. How to organize the bathroom.
23. How to organize the linen closet.
24. How to organize the kitchen.
25. How to organize school supplies.


26. How to keep pet hair from taking over your house.
27. On or off the bed? Where does Fido sleep?
28. Muddy paws!


29. Donating clothing
30. Donating toys
31. Donating cleaning supplies
32. Donating furniture
33. Donating used appliances

Natural Pest Control

34. How we got rid of mice.
35. Ants invaded my house and what I did about it.
36. How to keep pests out of the house.
37. Pantry moths are hard to get rid of, but I did it!

Family Chores or Division of Labor

38. My husband and I split the housekeeping chores.
39. My husband doesn't do any cleaning.
40. My husband is neater than me!
41. My husband is a pack rat!


42. Eco-friendly laundry detergents.
43. Washing cloth diapers.
44. Air drying laundry.
45. Hot or cold? What temperature do you wash in?
46. Man, I hate laundry.

General Tips

47. A reformed slob's best tips.
48. I've always been neat and here's why.
49. My best cleaning tips.
50. My best cleaning tips. (I know, this repeats, but I'm out of ideas - lol.)

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