Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Need a Home Management Binder?

Note from Barb: This is the first of several guest blog posts that will be on Cleaning up the Clutter. I thought I needed a fresh perspective here. Ya'll have got to be tired of looking at pictures of my messy house! I'd like to thank Pariah for writing this guest blog post! Please visit her blog!

I am the type that needs to have things written down if I'm going to have any chance at all of remembering them. When I came across a mention of home management binders on a parenting forum, I knew it would be a perfect tool for me. I love this idea because you can make them any way you want. We all have our preferences on what is important to include, how to organize things to our own specific tastes, and tailoring my domestic duties to my own style helps immensely. I downloaded pages for each room of my house from, printed them, filled them out, and put them in plastic sheet protectors and into my binder. I listed everything that needed to be done when cleaning and organizing a particular room. Then, I made a weekly list. I do my weekly "big cleaning" of our house on either Saturday or Sunday mornings, depending on what works best for my schedule that weekend. The rest of the week, I do smaller bursts of "maintenance" cleaning, using my lists to make sure I hit the most important areas.

I also printed a couple address and phone number pages to have important contacts on hand, as well as doctors' information and emergency contacts. Those are the first couple pages of my binder. At the end of the binder, I typed up a few recipes I use very frequently (mostly homemade cleaning products).

Because I am on the nerdy side, I recently purchased the HomeRoutine app for our iPhone. It is set up very much like how I set up my home management binder, allowing you to list morning and evening tasks and gives you gold stars when you complete them. It schedules weekly cleaning/decluttering "zones" of your house, and I found all of it to be very customizable and easy to tailor to my routines and preferences.

Below is my binder, made from recycled cardboard and printed with soy inks, from Target.

And a shot of the HomeManagement app on my phone.


  1. I like this idea...similar to what I am working on right now.



  2. I don't have a home management binder myself, but think it's an awesome idea! I want to put one together. Pariah inspired me!