Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Think I'm In Love with StumbleUpon

If you haven't checked out Stumbleupon yet, you should. It's a site where you can find all kinds of interesting blogs and on-line articles. Once logged into their site, you hit the "stumble" button to get a new, random blog or article. I found the Moonslipper website through Stumbleupon and today, I found Cooking by Numbers.

Cooking by Numbers has a checklist of ingredients that many people have on hand in their kitchen. If you're feeling uninspired for dinner or are down to just a few ingredients, simply fill out the checklist and let the website find a recipe for you. I know I'm going to use this the next time I've decluttered the refrigerator and want to use up what I've got before I go shopping.

If you're a blogger or if you write on-line articles, Stumbleupon is also a great place to help you get a page view boost. Simply "stumble" your post or article and your writing is visible to many Stumble users. I stumbled a few of my Suite101 articles and was surprised at the page view boost they each got.

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