Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let Fly Lady or Motivated Moms Help You Clean Your House!

This wonderful photo of a clean bathroom sink is courtesy of rmontie185 at Morguefile.

Do you ever wish someone was telling you what to do to keep your house clean every day? Or, do you wish you had a system, maybe a checklist, that helped you keep on top of cleaning chores? There are at least two, on-line, cleaning systems that spell out daily cleaning routines for you. Both are programs that will help you get your house clean and keep it that way. I've tried both and have incorporated some of each into my own daily cleaning routine. Here they are:

I've followed Flylady to the letter before and had a sparkling clean house. The Flylady system breaks your house into cleaning zones. Each week, you focus on cleaning a particular zone. You also complete daily cleaning routines and a daily mission called "Kelly's Mission". The mission involves cleaning one, often forgotten area, like behind the toilet. Most of Flylady's tasks take just a few minutes.

However, if you do the whole program each day, you're going to be spending most of your day cleaning. If that's OK with you, then you're going to have a shiny, clean, decluttered house. You can also pick and choose what part of the program you are going to do. I've done it this way before, too. While it doesn't have quite the same, dramatic results, it still helps you keep on top of basic cleaning. You can follow Flylady directly from their website, or you can sign up for daily e-mail reminders, which, frankly, can seem a little like spam. You get a LOT of reminders throughout the day. But, it's a free program and it does work if you put the time into it.

Motivated Moms is a cleaning check-list system. You can buy their yearly cleaning calendar, which consists of a check list of daily cleaning tasks, for $8.00. I don't have as much experience with this system as I do with Flylady, but I have printed and used the sample cleaning list before. I think I even had a whole month of check lists printed off that someone else posted on a message board years ago. I didn't like this system as much as Flylady. It didn't seem like quite enough deep cleaning for me. I had to tweak the list each day to fit my family's needs. The basic chores like dishes, daily sweeping and other things I do every day, aren't on the list. I also tended to feel guilty when I didn't check off everything on the list. They say that it's not meant to induce guilt, but it did for me.

My Own Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

I'd ultimately like to devise my own cleaning system that puts together the best of Flylady, the best of Motivated Moms and the best things that I've learned on my own over the years. I have a basic kitchen cleaning checklist that I've been thinking of putting into a free, download-able Adobe file. This list really worked for me last year. My kitchen looked fantastic and still feels much cleaner than it otherwise would have.

Flylady or Motivated Moms? I'd Love to Read Comments with Your Opinion

For the rest of the house, I think I may revisit Flylady again for the time being. I could use a boost of cleaning motivation and would like to get things in order before the school year is over. If you've got experience with either of these cleaning systems, leave a comment and let me know what you think. Or, if you know of another on-line cleaning system, leave a comment with the link. I'll try anything out!


  1. I've done the Flylady program (slightly modified) too. I started following her program after having my daughter. Since that time, I've modified and developed my own version that works a little better for me. I agree that following FlyLady to a "T" does feel like you spend your entire day cleaning.

  2. I tried to follow Motivated Moms' program, but it was like... I don't know, it just didn't work. With all the children around me it was a little bit impossible to check all the things in the list as well as I always was exhausted. So my solution for the cleaning problem is just hiring a cleaner from cleaning services Islington and let them do the job while I spend my time with my children.

  3. Getting motivated to clean is probably everyones biggest issue. But if you wait to do all your cleaning on One Day, that's where you would end up in trouble. Using someone elses routines or check lists verbatum is not the way to go either, they are just guides. Create your Own daily routine and clean something or somewhere for 15 minutes. That's not alot of time, but most of us can spare that on a daily basis. Then on your "day" to clean all over you'll have alot of time left to do fun stuff with your family or friends.

  4. Wow, thank you, you are right: if I follow FlyLady's system to the letter I will be spending the whole day cleaning. I've been feeling guilty for my major deviations though I love FlyLady.

    I have a huge (ginormous) house and for various reasons including living outside my own country, there is more work in this house than there should be. I can't get certain things, like a decent vacuum that I like, and I have to store heaps of things I can't buy around here. There are only staples to buy at the grocery store, no "convenient foods" so I must cook from scratch every day! I am "home all day", and in the years before this, I was a workaholic that had no time for anything, and was worn out mentally and physically. Now I finally have time to do what I've always wanted to do, write music, but it seems like I can't get out from under what this house constantly demands of me! Enter Flylady.

    I only follow some of her things. I strictly avoid those things that must be done "every day" (a load of laundry, Swish and Swipe). The whole point of Flying for me is NOT having to do these things *every day*! I don't pay any attention to zones and missions. I have an upstairs and downstairs. Once I week I bless each one. I have one laundry day for my towels/rags, that's the day my main bathrooms get Swished and Swiped, another for sheets, and another for clothes.

    Before I found FlyLady I decluttered my whole house, and I use her "little at a time" and "put away what you take out" adages to keep things basically decluttered. My husband has two hot spots and I ignore them now, because our little cold war over the spots was getting on my nerves.

    Just yesterday I put away the purple rag that usually sits at my kitchen sink for shining. Why? Well, I have a painful, itchy rash on my hands that comes from washing them and getting them wet. If I shower every day, cook a meal, and wash hands whenever they might be germy (and to me that's a lot because I'm a doctor's daughter lol) I can't afford to get my hands wet Swishing and Swiping and washing up afterwards and shining sinks with a wet rag that has to be wrung out.

    I also do the weekly meal planning and shopping. I always know "what's for dinner". I don't keep a "control journal". It's too much like micromanaging, but I kept one during a move, and it kept our house in order when it was in transit.

    FlyLady taught me that when you see a piece of fluff on the carpet, don't say "oh gosh I need to vaccum" just pick up that fluff and foggetaboudit!