Friday, July 30, 2010

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

While I was busy recovering from my recent illness, we were also living without a working boiler. As a result, we had no hot water. Thankfully, it was July and not January or we would have been without heat, as well. The man that gave us the estimate on the new boiler looked around the utility room and said, "All this stuff is going to have to be cleaned out of here so we can work."

Somehow, those were the magic words that lit a fire under my husband. He sprung into action and made the utility room the neat, organized room that I knew it could be! And, he did it mostly by himself. Amazing! A picture of what the utility room looked like in December 2008 before we had done any decluttering work can be found here. Today, the utility room looks like this. Maybe calling it organized is a stretch, but he got rid of a LOT of stuff. Of what was left, he streamlined and packed up in a more logical way. I'm really thankful that, at least for now, we can walk in here without risking a broken leg. I'm hopeful that it's going stay this way, but I'm a realist and know that it's his nature to squirrel things away. Maybe if we make an effort every month or so to spend a bit of time organizing in the utility room, we can stay on top of it and it won't ever again get out of control.

I'm not sorry to see July 2010 on it's way out. Though, ultimately, the end of the month has brought us a new boiler, a mostly clean utility room and health for me. So, maybe it wasn't such a bad month after all. Things are looking brighter for August!

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