Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everything But the Toilet Paper

Do you find yourself buying a lot of school supplies each year? I know some school districts don't require much. Ours is one that does, though. In fact, with the budget issues in our district, I'm kind of surprised toilet paper isn't on the list this year!

Sometimes we spend quite a lot on back-to-school shopping. But, over the past several years, I've bought extra supplies when they were on sale for ridiculosly low prices. I picked up several one-cent folders and five-cent packages of pencils, as well as other things. And, I've tried to buy good quality school supplies, with the hopes that they could be used from year to year. If I can, I get plastic, two-pocket folders, instead of paper. I get good clipboards and good colored pencils that can be sharpened and reused. This year, everything seemed to pay off. I went through both the sixth-grade supply list and the first-grade supply list for the upcoming school year and discoved that I need to buy less than half of what is there! Yay!

I actually have almost everything my incoming first-grader needs. I just need to get him some tissues, plastic bags and markers. My sixth-grader needs several notebooks, eight folders with fasteners in the middle and a few other odds and ends.

While I sorted things out, I finally put away all of the reusable school supplies from last year that don't need to be sent back in this year. I sorted the current supplies that are needed into a box for each boy. When we get the rest of the supplies, we'll label everything and fill up the backpacks. The box of extra school supplies went into the utility room. It feels good to be organized and on the ball in this area.


  1. Just got my lists and gratefully I need nothing. My girls attend private school and a good deal is provided.
    On my 4th Graders List : TrapperKeeper with 2 folders (check; reuse the one from last year) and a dishpan (actually have several extras around)
    On my 7th Graders List: Assorted 1" Binders or Subject notebooks (the students pick) - check reuse from last year. I even have packs of paper, although I might need dividers :)

  2. You're lucky! We have some long lists here, but I think that's probably typical for a public school.