Thursday, August 26, 2010

Five Things I Need to Get Out of the House Now!

I was talking to my neighbor about VCRs and DVD players the other night. Her family just bought a new combo unit, to which I commented that we've only had a DVD player and no VCR for a few years. Then, to quote Oprah, I had a lightbulb moment. Our old VCR stopped working over two years ago. Yet, we still have a lot of old VCR tapes! What the heck? Why am I hanging on to these things?

Of course, I realized later that there are lots of things that we no longer use that I'm still storing in my house. Here's a short list of what needs to go now:

1. VCR Tapes

2. Cloth Diapers - The toddler is just months away from being potty trained and we've moved on from cloth diapers. I use a combination of cloth training pants and disposable diapers. Yet, the stacks of clean, neatly folded cloth diapers are still on the changing table. It's been at least a year since we've used these regularly.

3. The Changing Table - It's kind of bittersweet to get rid of the changing table, yet it takes up a lot of space in the toddlers room and I'm anxious to see it go. I do still change him on it, but I could easily switch to the bed. Mostly, the changing table is used to store all the cloth diapers we don't use.

4. Old Cookbooks - I went through a phase where I collected cookbooks. But, now if I need a recipe, I Google it. With the exception of my old standby Betty Crocker cookbook, I seldom refer to any of them. I do still enjoy sitting down and looking through a cookbook, especially one with beautiful pictures. But, if I'm dreaming about all the great food I'm going to prepare, I prefer to look at one I haven't seen before. I generally get one out of the library when I want to browse recipes for fun. Time to clean out the cookbook cupboard a bit.

5. Clothing That I Don't Wear - I know most of us have a bit of an issue with clothing. It seems to multiply and I'm not even a shop-a-holic. My husband has even more than I do. I could probably go through my clothes and his clothes and take two full garbage bags of stuff to Goodwill that we wouldn't even miss.

I'm going to work on weeding out all of these things over the next few weeks. I'm also working on cleaning out the toddler's bedroom and getting ready for another consignment sale. Hopefully I can make a big dent in our home. With school starting soon and the holidays fast approaching, I want to get the upstairs of our house to a state of simplicity and cleanliness.

Finally, don't forget to enter the drawing for a signed copy of Peter Walsh's book Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?. Enter here by leaving a comment on yesterday's blog post.


  1. Getting rid of slides, records, cassette tapes, computer discs, cell phones, overhead transparencies--old technology. Recently took 4 printers to a recycling place. Kept one printer because I like how it scans--maybe I should not have. Fabric for sewing in case I make another quilt. Binders need to go.

  2. I gave up videos when we redid the living room. We held onto the ones we haven't found on DVD although we don't have a way to play them. I need to do a big clean out, but I simply don't have the time. We have lots of computer parts lying around, but its apparently not OK to just put them curbside they require special disposal. I will look to get rid of 5 things tonight and 5 things Saturday night and 5 things Sunday night.

  3. NewKid - Do you use the printer/scanner? If it's something you still use, even once in a while, I'd probably hang on to it. But, if it hasn't been used in five years or so, then I'd let it go. Good job on taking the 4 printers to recycling!

    Tree Huggin Mama - I like the idea of getting rid of 5 things a day for the weekend! I'll have to do that next weekend! Our county has a special electronics recycling day once a year. I wish it was more often! But, we got rid of a truck bed full of stuff this year. They take computers, tvs, toasters, anything electronic. Check with your county and see if they have something like that.

  4. Same here! lol I'm just now getting rid of VHS tapes, etc, I don't even have a tv anymore! lol I watch tv online, WHEN I have time. lol Also trying to declutter and regain control of my home, it's been a struggle!

  5. It should be a habit to give away things as much as you can to save the clutter that usually makes the house full of clutter,not only is it going to make your house clean would it help many other needy people.Old things lying in the same place for a long time could breed molds.
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  6. I know the above comment from NY mold removal is spam, however she makes a good point. Old things lying in the same place can breed molds, especially if they're in a damp basement or garage storage area. We've stored things in cardboard boxes in the utility room that then get a bit moldy. It's nasty stuff!

  7. Priscillia - It IS a struggle, one I work a bit at on most days. Baby steps are the only way to clean it all out long term. You can do it!