Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Give Away! A Give Away!

As I said in my previous post, I e-mailed Peter Walsh and asked if he would donate a book that I could give to a lucky blog reader. He promptly sent a signed copy of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?.

For those of you that don't know, Peter Walsh is an organizing guru who was the host of the TLC show Clean Sweep. He's the star of the upcoming Oprah Winfrey Network show called Enough Already! with Peter Walsh. I'm so excited that he e-mailed me back and sent along a copy of one of his books. Not only that, but he signed it!

He's helped a lot of people conquer the clutter in their lives by getting to the root cause of the problem. In Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? he addresses how weight issues and clutter issues are symptoms of the same problems. "This is a book about the clutter around you and the clutter inside you that prevents you from living the life you want and being the person you wish to be," says Walsh on page nine of the introduction. This quote gets to the heart of the book.

Not only does he delve into the why behind the clutter and the weight, but he gives practical advice on how to deal with both issues. I think for those of us that feel overwhelmed and sometimes defeated by clutter, weight or both, this book gives us hope that we can change. We can conquer those old habits that keep us stuck in a state of feeling less than what we want to be.

I love this book and hate to part with a signed copy, but I'm eager to pass it on to help a fellow cluttered person. You can enter this give away twice. Here's how:

1. Leave a comment with a confession about clutter. Is your garage packed to the brim or your bedroom closet overflowing? Or maybe you have stacks of books or toys lining the floors? The first step to fixing a clutter issue is admitting you have a problem. Stare that clutter in the face and acknowledge it! Don't forget to leave an e-mail address so you can be contacted if you are the lucky winner!

2. Post about the give away on your blog with a link back to this blog post. Then, leave a second comment letting me know that you posted and include a link back to your blog. Again, remember to leave your e-mail addy!

I'm going to leave the contest open until September 7, 2010, which is the first day of school for us. Not sure why, but I feel like that's a good date to end the give away. Then, there will be a drawing and I'll contact the winner via e-mail. Good luck!


  1. Confession. I do have clutter problems. I collect containers like baskets or bins and hide the clutter in them--too much hidden stuff in the guest bedroom and elsewhere. But it has caught up with me big time. I am going to do a humorous speech about my clutter problem at Toastmasters on September 1st. Little by little, bit by bit, it is getting solved. FlyLady says baby steps and yep, I am doing baby steps.

    Posting your blog link on tonight.


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  3. Confession: my basement is a disaster area of epic proportions. It's not only cluttered... but dirty. This area is at the top of my to-do list but I just can't seem to "do it" already. I'm not going to give up though... it WILL happen.

  4. Okay, I didn't do that correctly. I posted Give Away link right under heading by FlyLady link at

    I e-mailed you my e-mail. September 7th is such an important day for us as you might read on my blog.

  5. Thank you, New Kid. I saw the link on your blog. I have a container problem, too. They seem like a good idea, but they do end up being clutter magnets and then there are containers everywhere! I will be thinking of you and your husband on the 7th.

    Tara - That's the point my garage is at right now! I really need to get to it...

  6. I have always wondered if my clutter issue is related to my weight issue.... Now I know they are. Even if I don't win, this is a book I am going to get.

    My clutter confession is that I just keep cluttering more rooms. I can't bring myself to throw things out. I want to be good to the environment and I know I could use these things, but I can't even get into my office (Clutter floor to ceiling) or now my downstairs bath - which is just an empty room no fixtures).
    Time to start dealing with it.

  7. Tree Huggin Mama - I can relate! My husband really has an issue with getting rid of things because he's very environmentally aware. I have twinges now and again about environmental responsibility, too. But, what helps me is that I really do try to move things on to someone else who might need them. And, as you know, I'm working so hard on simply bringing less into my house. For me, that's really the key issue. Sometimes, things do have to go to the transfer station, but we have a great recycling program in our county, which helps. I find it easier to justify throwing away some things as long as I'm making an effort to pass on or recycle as much as I can.

  8. I really like your blog. I've been reading it for awhile, but have never left a comment. I've watched Peter Walsh a few times on Oprah and have enjoyed his shows. I try to clean up the clutter, but always end up just moving it to a different spot. Then eventually, it starts bugging me again until I move it again. I have made progress this week though, giving away 5 bags of old toys & household items. Toys are everywhere in this house. I've been organizing them by putting like toys together, which has been working pretty well. I've really been working on the clutter since my oldest started school a couple weeks ago. One day at a time, I am making progress.

  9. I posted your give away on my blog also.