Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Have More Energy These Days If This is Any Indication...

Maybe my healthier eating is paying off. I am sure I feel a bit more energetic these days. It's either that or our reprieve from the hot weather has made me think I can get lots accomplished around here. I guess I'll be able to tell for sure over the next few days when our summer heat comes back.

With a spring in my step, I've taken on the task of not only cleaning the toddlers room, but painting all of his furniture and doing a major purge of all traces of baby stuff. He's two and a half, rapidly approaching three and convinced that he's at least six. As the youngest of three brothers, he's let go of the baby toys a lot earlier than his older brothers did. And, I'm so ready to move out of the phase of my life where I have an infant to care for. I'm ready for the changing table and the infant dresser to go, as well as some of the bulkier infant toys. We've had this dresser forever. As you can see, it needs some work. Before we move the toddler's clothes into it, I'm fixing the broken drawer and painting the whole thing off-white. Right now, it's sitting in my backyard drying from the second coat of paint. It needs one more, I think. But, it already looks so much better! So good, in fact, that I decided I'm going to paint his bookcase and bed frame to match. We don't have matching furniture anywhere in our house, but his was really, really far off. He basically got all the cast-offs that didn't go anywhere else. This will make everything look fresh and coordinated!

While I wait for the paint to dry, I'm busy sorting through cloth diapers, VCR tapes and other things on my list to purge right now. I'm hoping that before the next month is over, things will be looking pretty good in the boys' bedrooms, at least.

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