Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enter the Dr. Suess "Ham It Up" Video Contest

Can you believe it's the 50th anniversary of Green Eggs & Ham? We love that book in our house. I'm really excited to announce that soon, I'll be hosting a giveaway for a special 50th anniversary edition of this beloved children's book!

In the meantime, check out the Seussville website. They're hosting a "Ham It Up" video contest to celebrate the milestone. They're encouraging parents and their kids to get together and submit videos of themselves acting out a scene from Green Eggs & Ham for a chance to win great prizes including $2,000 cash, a year’s supply of ham, Limited Edition Dr. Seuss art worth over $9,000 in total and much more.

Video entry period is 9/21-11/3 and voting begins 10/5/2010. The videos with the most votes will be eligible to win.

I've got my boys brainstorming ideas for videos right now. Good luck to all who enter!


  1. When we were first married, my husband was making scrambled eggs and ham for our breakfast. "Hey, Honey," he called, "what do think about adding a little red wine to the eggs?" "I don't know," said I, "give it a try." And he did. The result? GREEN EGGS and ham. Didn't taste bad, but it sure looked funny.