Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And the Winner is...

The Green Eggs and Ham book give away results are in! The winner is...

Treighsie! Congrats and thanks to all who entered.


  1. Cool!

    Barb, on the subject of clutter, I have to tell you about my latest idea. It's about my laundry room/pantry. I have stuff on the floor--useful, but in the way of mopping. I am getting rid of the appliances stored on shelves, cookie jars, etc., that I no longer need--putting them in the garage for the yard sale. Then I will have room to put all items on the floor on shelves! Yeah! I can mop without having to move stuff! Back to organizing cans by the alphabet.

  2. I have a clutter problem too, along with my little toddler:)

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