Monday, October 4, 2010

Beach Towels R Us

People give us beach towels on a somewhat regular basis. I guess they figure that beach towels are a nice, usable gift for a family with young kids. And, to an extent, they are. But, when people think of my husband and kids on their spring and summer birthdays, more often than not, they think of beach towels. Maybe they're hard to buy gifts for. I don't know. We also have a couple of garage sale shoppers in our extended family that seem to pick up beach towels for us every year. I understand that it's too hard to pass up a superhero or fireworks beach towel that the kids might like.

Anyway, our good fortune with beach towels has brought me to the point where we have more towels than will fit in our linen closet. Lots more.

Here's all 16 beach towels. Out of this whole stack, I have bought exactly 1. That was purchased in college when I was going on spring break and didn't own a beach towel. It's the second towel from the bottom, in case you're wondering. The rest have been gifted to us over the past several years.

I think we only need one per person and maybe a couple extra just in case we leave one at the beach. My husband thinks we need two per person. Either way, I'm donating at least 6 of these towels to Good Will. I may sneak away a few extra because, I'm pretty sure we'll end up with a couple more next summer.

How many beach towels do you have?


  1. I have tons. Way too many. We have at least 2 per person and really I do think 2 per person is a good idea (there is weekends where we use one one day and it needs to be washed and hung dry so having a second is nice). A suggestion for old tattered beach towels is to turn them into cleaning rags.

  2. Ok, you convinced me. 2 per person it is! None of these are old and tattered, though that is a good idea. They're all in good shape, so hopefully they'll go to someone that can use them at Goodwill.

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