Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Don't Do Windows...

And, it's obvious. My windows have been bugging me for a long time. Not only are they filthy, inside and out, but they all need re-glazing. When my mom was visiting this weekend, she asked if I minded if she wiped out my kitchen window. She's pretty laid back about cleaning, so I knew then that I had a problem. Actually, I've known for awhile. I've just been in denial.

Today was the day that I decided to start on this lengthy project. My plan is to focus on one or two windows a week, not making them perfect, but definitely making them better. I started with the bathroom window because it was one of the worst. Every time I opened it, a chunck of old window glaze fell off. And, there were visible spider webs between the inner window and the storm window.

After cleaning the whole thing and finally being able to see sunshine through it again, I turned to my friend Google to learn about glazing. It's not easy and it's time consuming, especially for a newbie. Armed with my new knowledge, a putty knife and an old, partly dried up container of glaze, I fixed the worst of the bathroom window panes. There are three more in the bathroom window, but the others look like they have enough glaze to hold the pane in place for now. I'll go around the house, find the worst windows and do some damage control.

What's your experience with windows? How often do you clean them? If you have older windows, do you re-glaze them periodically?

According to information I found, window glaze should last for a couple of decades. My guess is that, based on the dry, crumbly state of the current glaze, our windows have the original glaze from 1965, the year our house was built. I'll have to tackle this project in baby steps, because I don't have the time or inclination to fix and clean all the windows at once.


  1. I don't do windows either. And it's also obvious in my house too! I forget about them for ages, and then when I realize how bad they are, I do a big window cleaning mission. This could be months apart, depending on how observant I am. So probably not the best system!

  2. The French doors have the little blinds between the glass and so they never look dirty. We did the rest last year. A . . . we replaced our windows with energy efficient windows which gave us a tax break. So I guess officially I don't do windows yet.