Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kittens and Other Cozy Things

Even though we've had weather in the 70's this week, it's still fall and I still feel the need to get ready for the coming season. We've been busy beavers with soccer, scouts, out-of-town guests and a hundred other things, but I've got to take the time to get some winter-prep done.

Hats, Mittens & Scarves, Oh My!
I never organized our overflowing basket of hats, gloves and scarves last spring. It's now a jumbled mess in the bottom of the hall closet and a pain in the *** everytime we need to dig out a pair of mittens or a hat. It's time to get this under control! I want one set of everything for every member of the family within easy access. I think I may get an over-the-door shoe organizer for the closet door. It seems like a great way to organize winter gear! How do you organize your winter gear?

Sweet Peppers and Other VeggiesFor the first time since I've started trying (about 9 years ago, but whose counting?), I had a moderately successful garden. Because of past gardening frustrations, I didn't plant a lot of any one thing, so we mostly produced just a few things that we ate right away, including a watermelon (Yay!). However, the sweet peppers were extremely happy in the garden and I actually grew enough to be able to freeze the surplus. I'm pretty excited about this. They've all been sitting on my counter for several days. I need to chop them up and stick them in some freezer bags. I'm definitely going to grow those again next year! Did you have a successful garden this year? What did you grow? What did you can or freeze?

Hello KittyAs a belated birthday present to myself, we added the snuggliest little kitten to our household! As of now, her name is Daisy. She's at the vet today for her check-up, de-worming, de-fleaing and shots. I'm pretty sure we're going to find out that she's actually a he. In that case, his name might be Skippy John Jones, or Skippy for short. However, I'm taking suggestions because I'm not in love with that name. Maybe it just needs to grow on me.

Christmas is How Many Days Away?

According to the Holidays Central website, 58. Yikes! I haven't done that much Christmas shopping yet. I better get on the ball! This year, however, I vow to do a bit less and to keep Christmas clutter to a minumum! No need to go overboard and spend the month of January trying to clean up the aftermath! What are your plans for reducing clutter this Christmas? I think this topic needs it's own blog post!

After I organize the winter gear, freeze the peppers and do a bit of on-line Christmas shopping, I'm going to pick the kitten up from the vet and settle in to watch the Charlie Brown Halloween Special tonight at 8:00 with the family. Sounds like a cozy evening to me! What are you doing to celebrate these cozy, fall nights?

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