Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Accentuate the Positive

It's easy to focus on what's wrong with our houses. The laundry might be piled high, there might be dishes in the sink AGAIN and there might be too much clutter stacked here and there, or, God forbid, everywhere! But, I think we all do some things right. We all have a few areas that we keep clean and organized most of the time. Or, maybe we have a few areas that we love how we've decorated. Or, maybe it's just a particular picture on the wall that brings a smile every time you see it. Instead of pointing out our glaring mistakes and messy areas, lets talk about what's good in our houses. Here are a few things in mine that I'm happy with:

Organized School Supplies

I feel like I get this one right consistently. I buy on sale, have a stocked box of extra supplies and re-use things that are still in good condition.

A Clean Bathroom

Our main bathroom is generally clean and tidy. Sure, sometimes it needs attention, but for the most part, I keep on top of it.

Paying Bills

I've got a good system for paying bills and taking care of the checkbook that works really well for us. It's not one of my favorite activities by any means, but at least I've got it organized and manageable.

The Morning Routine

Getting the kids up and ready for school is a piece of cake in our house. Partly because my 6th grader gets on the bus at 7:00 AM and my first grader gets on at 7:30. This allows us to wake up our older boy and get him out of the house before the younger one rolls out of bed. Since 90% of the discipline issues in our house are a result of these two fighting, keeping their morning routine separate is a blessing. Other than that, we follow the same morning routine everyday, so the kids practically get ready for school in their sleep.

There are more things that work for us, but that's the short list. Sometimes, when I start feeling overwhelmed and annoyed with the clutter in the garage or the sink full of dishes, focusing on the positive helps. What are you doing right?


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