Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Many Days Until Christmas?

I honestly don't know how many days there are until Christmas, but I'm starting to feel the pressure. I know the focus is on Thanksgiving this week, but as soon as that day is over, it's time to shift to Christmas preparations. Around this time, I also tend to feel overwhelmed with clutter. I started this blog a few days after Christmas two years ago for that reason. Thankfully, my house has considerably less clutter than it did then. However, the decorations, the presents and the busy schedule during the holiday season make it all seem like there's too much stuff once again.

This year, I'm planning on keeping on top of the clutter before it starts. Here's what I'm doing:
  1. Thoroughly cleaning and de-cluttering the living room before we get our tree. All the toys that we store here will be put in the boys' bedrooms. The magazines will be recycled and the piles of books will be sorted into the appropriate bookcases. I'll also dust and vacuum every nook and cranny.
  2. Reduce the number of gifts we buy for the boys. I've never considered myself one that goes overboard with holiday gifts, however, the number of gifts we give our kids has crept up a bit each year. We all know what happens to many of these gifts. They turn into clutter! This year, I'm scaling it back to a more reasonable amount and being really thoughtful with what I do buy. To help me do this, I've tucked away cash throughout the year for the purpose of Christmas shopping. When I shop, I take a bit of Christmas money with me and spend only that on gifts. It's really forced me to think about what I buy and has helped me enjoy the process. No need to worry about how we are going to pay for it and no buying extra things we don't need!
  3. Keep the gifts organized in one location. Who hasn't tucked away Christmas gifts only to not find them when it's time to wrap? I know I've done it. This year, I'm buying just what we need and keeping it all in one, organized spot.
  4. De-clutter the Christmas decorations. I say I'm going to do this every year, but I haven't gotten to it yet. All of our holiday decorations used to fit in one, large Rubbermaid tote. Now, they take up several boxes, in addition to the tote. As a matter of fact, we don't use most of what's in the tote! This year, I'm only keeping the things I love. All broken and ugly ornaments are out!

What about you? Do you start to feel cluttered around the holidays? What can you do to decrease the Christmas clutter in your house?


  1. You and me both. I am doing a deep clean on the first floor (which has stayed somewhat clean since the B-day party) and pulling out everything Christmas. I plan to list several items on CL to get them gone. The rest I will donate to a locate woman's shelter.
    DeClutter, DeClutter and DeClutter. That is my new daily mantra. When I have no clutter left, I'll look for a new mantra.

  2. I have to get all the stuff out of the garage that didn't sell in the garage sale so I can get to the attic to get decorations. I did however, sell outside lights for $5 and we aren't doing that this year.

  3. Keeping down the clutter during the holidays, when I empty out a tote of Christmas decor I put away my everyday decor for the time being. It keeps the house feeling decorated and not stuffed. This includes framed art, candle holders, even some books.
    We do handmade gifts for the most part and my office looks like a bomb went off. I so wish I could tackle the clutter there. I appreciated the post- it was a good reminder that I need to gear up for the work ahead. And I'm following your lead to get rid of the old broken Christmas decorations. Here's to paring down... HERE HERE!!!

  4. rilojane - Great idea to put away regular decor!

    NewKid - Glad you sold what you aren't using anymore. I think garage sales are the best place to get Christmas deocrations for those just starting out!

    Tree Huggin Momma - Love the mantra!

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