Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decluttering Advent Calendar Day 19 - Wrap it Up!

Today, I made up for lost time and wrapped ALL of the boys' Christmas presents. If you recall, I was thwarted in my wrapping attempts when my almost-3-year-old ran home from my neighbor's house. My husband took all three boys to my mother-in-law's house for dinner while I stayed home and wrapped everything.

December 19
Final Christmas Details

Hopefully, you're at the point in your Christmas preparations that you can seriously think about finishing everything. You may still have a bit more to do, but you can easily make a plan for the rest of the week to finish all the final details. For me, that means baking cookies, a final grocery shopping trip and cleaning the house. I'll probably also have to help my husband wrap gifts for his co-workers. By help, I mean that I'll do it all by myself. I'm okay with that, though.

You may be getting ready for a hectic week or you may be so well organized that the week will be a piece of cake. Either way, it's time to wrap up the Christmas prep!


  1. We were spared in a crash with a drunk driver on our way home from church and getting things done somehow is not as important compared to the gratitute we feel for being spared. I have been a widow once, and since the driver came within inches of hitting my husband in the passenger seat, I might have become one again. However, with my totaled Saturn, I must, must clear the garage from the garage sale so I can park my husband's gas guzzler in there especially since it doesn't have a heater and it will be nice to drive a warm car. Not sure what we will do about a second car now.

  2. I still need a gift or two.... and I haven't wrapped anything. I need a better game plan for next year (but then again I say that every year).....

  3. Carol - I'm so glad you and your husband are ok! How frightening! You're right, nothing else matters! I hope that you'll be able to replace your car with the insurance payment.

    Tree Huggin Momma - It's taken me years to get a workable game plan for the holidays that doesn't leave me frazzled at the last minute. You'll get there!