Monday, December 20, 2010

Decluttering Advent Day 20 - The Kitchen

It's no secret that holiday preparations intensify this week. While lots of people are still shopping and wrapping, much of the Christmas week hustle and bustle takes place in the kitchen. If your kitchen is like mine, it's needs a bit of decluttering first.

December 20
15 Minutes in the Kitchen

Whether you've already been cooking and baking up a storm or you've yet to begin, take 15 minutes to get all the extra clutter off the counters and put it back where it belongs. Wipe down any drips and spots that have been neglected for too long and clean up the trash area.

It's much nicer to bake and cook holiday foods in a clean kitchen!


  1. YAY! I did JUST THIS VERY THING tonight (I needed it ... BAD!) and I am already feeling tons better! (Now, if I could only get my laundry room in shape! Ah, maybe tomorrow!)

  2. I'm seriously loving your decluttering advent calendar, timely, wise, practical advice that is needed (at least in my house!) at this hectic time of the year as we get distracted by lots of other things.

  3. Yay Leanne!

    Thank You, I Should be Sleeping! That's my favorite comment ever!