Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decluttering Advent Day 4

Photo courtesy of click at Morguefile.

December 4
Put Away All Non-Holiday Décor

This pre-Christmas decluttering tip comes to us from Rilojane's comment on the How Many Days Until Christmas? post.

Christmas decorations tend to make things look more cluttered than normal, especially when all the everyday décor is still out. Put away knick-knacks, candles, wall hangings and other non-holiday decorations for the time being. Store them in the same box that you keep your Christmas decorations so you’ll be able to locate them easily after the holiday.
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  1. Over the years I made a Christmas wall handing and I would have to rearrange it with other pictures in the family room. Lately I have a new plan. I made a Swedish quilted wall hanging to put in it's place. Gradually I have it so items on the wall just get replaced.

    Your ideas are great. Look forward to this series, Barb.


  2. The wall hanging sounds so nice!

    Thank you for the compliment!