Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decluttering Advent Day 5 - All I Want is Peace

What a busy day! I left the house at 8:45 this morning and didn't get back until 7:30 this evening, not counting a quick 20-minute stop to make sandwiches and pack a diaper bag. My two youngest sons and I went to church, the Sunday school Christmas party, made a quick stop at home, made another quick stop to meet my husband and oldest son at a Boy Scout Christmas tree sale (dropped off sandwiches and picked out a tree) and then drove an hour to go to my niece's 2nd birthday party. Thankfully, everyone was in good spirits and we had fun. I've been eager to blog all day but didn't have the time, so it's ironic that I was inspired by today's church sermon about peace. I think we all could use a reality check about how to manage our time during the busy month of December so that we can find moments of peace. No matter what your faith is or is not, December can be an extremely hectic month. It's nice to take some time to reflect on what's important. So, without anymore wind-up, here's today's Advent activity:

December 5
Review December Calendar and To-do list

Look critically at your December calendar and to-do list. We have a tendency to squeeze a lot into this month. Some of us are trying to make memories for our kids and some are upholding traditions out of obligation. However, it’s easy for a packed calendar to turn into a burden and take the joy right out of the holiday. If the month is stressful and feels like more than you can handle, look at what you can scale back or cut out. Do you really have to make 10 batches of cookies? Can you make one with the kids and fill in with store-bought treats? Do you need to go to a distant relative’s holiday party? If you’d rather enjoy an evening at home, cross it off the calendar and send your regrets. Try to simplify so you can find the peace in the holiday season.

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Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season!


  1. Barb,
    We had a busy Sunday at church, with a b.d. cake for my husband. We were going to go with "Sally and Jake" to Disney tomorrow, but my sensible hubby said let's take a rain check because the weather is colder. Both Sally and I are glad because we have the day tomorrow to tie up loose ends. Actually I want to get the garage sale non-sale items out of the garage so I can park in it! Might put some in the trash, some in the SUV to donate and some in the workshop to use in a Spring garage sale.
    Your blogging/decluttering buddy,

  2. I'm sure you'll be glad to get that old garage sale stuff out of the house.! Happy Birthday to your husband!