Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decluttering Advent Day 7: Toys, Toys & More Toys!

Raise your hand if you have kids that have too many toys! I know my kids do. An overabundance of toys provides an organizational problem. Toy clutter makes it difficult for a child to keep his room tidy. The toys often spill out into the rest of the house, create a tripping hazard and bring tension when it's clean-up time. With Christmas approaching, it's time to stop the toy mayhem. Here's today's decluttering activity:

December 7
Pack a Box of Toys
for Storage

De-clutter the living space by sorting out the toys that seldom see playtime. Since children tend to lose interest in toys they see everyday, it makes sense to fill a box with toys and put it out of sight in the garage, attic or basement. This box is now the “rainy day box”. In a month or so, when you need an activity to keep the kids busy, get the rainy day box out. The children will have a renewed interest in the toys and you’ll have successfully decluttered your living space. Just remember to put the box of toys away after the kids have played with it. Or, rotate a different set of toys into storage. Photo courtesy of ppdigital at Morguefile.

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